VIP Supreme

  • 65% Auto Deductible
  • 65% Traffic Violations
  • 65% Toll Way Violations
  • 65% Cell Phone Deductible
  • 55% Accessory Reimbursement
  • 65% Medical Co-Pay
  • 65% Dental Co-Pay
  • 65% Vision Co-Pay
  • 50% Prescription Co-Pay
  • 65% Pet Deductible
  • 65% Parking Violations
  • 65% Cracked Windshield Reimbursement
  • 65% Home/Renters Deductible
  • Members Comp
  • MD Live
  • Credit Repair Program [FREE]
  • Energy and Gas Savings [Select States Only]
  • Investment Program
$40 a month

Services start 30 days from enrollment

Benefits Info


Why would I pay a membership fee when I can save the money myself?

  • About one-fourth of Americans have no emergency savings.
  • These are things we just don’t plan for and won’t plan for.
  • Everybody loves having someone else do the work for them.

The monthly membership seems a bit much especially if I don’t use it.

  • We spend more than $40 unconsciously within a week on things that have no value.
  • Whether you use the membership or not, you always have 3 components working for you.
  • Component 1: We report your on-time membership payments to all 3 credit bureaus as long as your membership is connected to our booster program.
  • Component 2: We provide a savings account where you accumulate money at the end of a calendar year.
  • Component 3: Your investment service creates a portfolio to purchase gold at a wholesale rate along with receiving FREE Grams of Gold.

If your company is paying out all of this money, how are you making any?

Every member won’t send in claims all at once, with that being said, we are a membership company, which means our company revenue is based on volume.
The more members we have, the more lucrative it becomes for us to reimburse on claims.