VIP Deluxe Membership

Your membership is activated 30 days from enrollment unless you paid the immediate to be reimbursed within 24hr’s. We will reimburse 60% of your Auto Deductible up to $450 (Vehicle must be in your name and 30 days start from the loss date and not the repair date) This service (Auto Deductible) can only be used 1 time per 18 months, 65% off of Traffic Violations & 50% off court fees up to $40, (After 30 days for court fee’s claim will be reimbursed at 25% up 60 days) 60% off of Toll Way Violations, Cell Phone & Tablet Deductible, 50% off Cell Phone Accessories up to $50 (Cellphone Accessories must be from your current provider, not an authorized dealer), 60% off of Medical, Dental & Vision Co-Pay meaning doctor/office visits only other co-payments beyond the actual visit does not qualify ( NO MRI, No Physical Therapy, No Chiropractor, No Cardiologist, No Surgeries, No Dermatology, absolutely nothing outside of the actual first office visit). 25% of your Prescription Co-Pay up to $25 (After 30 days for prescription co-pay claim will be denied), 60% off of Pet Co-Pay, 15% Reimbursement on Pet Deductibles, 65% off of Parking Violations, 65% off of Home/Renter’s Deductible up to $300, remember it has to be home damage or vandalism. Anything else filed on your home insurance will not be accepted. Your membership has to be up to date and current the day of the incident. Keep in mind that for some of your services to be reimbursed you have to have some type of insurance. You will be called for a membership consultation to explain the value of your membership and to set up your Gas & Energy account only if your state is deregulated. 7 days from your consultation you will be scheduled for another call to make sure you set up your GOLD & Savings account. (As a side note for your member’s comp plan if an injury occurs you have to go to either the Urgent Care or Emergency room within 24hrs of the incident. You will receive $20 for the first initial visit and $15 per day that you are admitted upto 3 days. Also here are the things that are considered an injury: ACL Injuries, Ankle Injury, Concussions, Dislocated Shoulder, Golfer’s Elbow, Groin Pull, Hamstring Injuries, Head Injury, Muscle Strain, Posterior Cruciate Ligament Injury, Rotator Cuff Tear, Running Injuries, Shin Splints, Skier’s Thumb, Tailbone Injuries, Tendon Injuries, Tennis Elbow, Turf Toe, Workout Injuries, Achilles Tendon Injury. Things that are not considered an injuries: Abrasion, Laceration, Puncture, Cuts, Preexisting Open Wounds, Bruises, Gashes, Scratch, Graze, Contusion, Lesion, Avulsion, Repetitive Motion Injuries, Soreness After Exercise, Tommy John Surgery) You have 30 days from the incident to file your claim for you to receive your full reimbursement percentage. After 30 days we will reimburse only 25% up to 90 days. Any claim over $200 will be broken up into 3 installments. Any claim over $400 will be broken up into 6 installments. At this membership level, you will receive 2 grams of Gold and 3 UDS Coins which will be available to withdraw every 18 months. Your CAP for this membership is $750 and $1,500 after you have been a member with UDS for 3yrs. Once you reach your CAP you will be reimbursed at 25% up to $50 for all services. Unless the upto amount is lesser on particular services then you would get the max. Your CAP resets every 18 months.

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